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Sponsored by Three Bears Alaska

Three Bears Alaska

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A huge Thank You to Three Bears Alaska for donating the funds for three much needed new scoreboards in 2022!

Sponsored by Hilcorp


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Thank you Hilcorp and employee Artie Soria for the $2500 donation in 2022.

Sponsored by ABC Tool Rental

ABC Tool Rental

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Thank you ABC Tool Rental for years of continued support. 

Sponsored by Wasilla Rotary Club

Wasilla Rotary Club

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Thank you to Wasilla Rotary for another generous $2,000 sponsorship in 2022.

Sponsored by Edge Fitness

Edge Fitness

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Thank you to the Rubeo's for their support of WYB this year.

Sponsored by Kendall Ford of Wasilla

Kendall Ford of Wasilla

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Excited to have new Team Sponsor Kendall Ford of Alaska supporting WYB in 2022!  Thank you Nick Samet and the entire team at Kendall Ford. 

Sponsored by Screaming Eagle Archery

Screaming Eagle Archery

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Thank you owners Chris and Beth  for being loyal supporters of WYB for years.

Sponsored by Grape Tap

Grape Tap

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Thank you - returning sponsor Grape Tap for your support of WYB

Sponsored by Safety Management Group

Safety Management Group

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Safety Management Group is a 2nd year Team Sponsor.  Thank you SMG and Board Member/Coach Ian Anderson.  

Sponsored by Nordstrom Family Dental

Nordstrom Family Dental

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Nordstrom Family Dental has been a regular supporter of the league for years.  Thank you !

Sponsored by Perk Up Espresso

Perk Up Espresso

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Perk Up has always been a great supporter of WYB.  Thank you Perk Up Espresso!

Sponsored by Game Theory

Game Theory

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Thank you Amber Sumner for your on going support of WYB.

Sponsored by Matsu Miners

Matsu Miners

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Thank you to Pete and Denise Christopher of the Matsu Miners for their continued support of Wasilla Youth Baseball. 

Sponsored by UMV


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New sponsor for 2022.  Thank you UMV

Sponsored by Taylored Restoration

Taylored Restoration

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Thank you to first year sponsor Taylored Restoration.  

Sponsored by DuClos Orthodontics

DuClos Orthodontics

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DuClos has been a generous supporter of WYB League for years.  Thank you Duclos!

2bullmoose element view

2 Bull Moose

Thank you Blaine Clemons of 2 Bull Moose for your years of WYB sponsorships and coaching. 

Sponsored by Matsu Valley Rebuild

Matsu Valley Rebuild

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New Sponsor for 2022.  Thank you Matsu Valley Rebuild 

Sponsored by Diversified Tire

Diversified Tire

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Thank you Diversified Tire for years of loyal WYB sponsorships.

Edge remodel 2 element view

Edge Remodel

Thank you to Mike Rubeo of Edge Remodel. 

Sponsored by VFW Post 9365

VFW Post 9365

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Thank you to all of our veterans for their service to our great country and to the VFW who has always supported WYB

Sponsored by Just Imagine Toys

Just Imagine Toys

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Thank you Just Imagine Toys for being a regular sponsor of WYB over the years.

Sponsored by Matanuska Electric Association

Matanuska Electric Association

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MEA has regularly supported WYB for years. Thank you MEA

Sponsored by Eagle Eye Storage

Eagle Eye Storage

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Grateful to have new Team Sponsor Eagle Eye Storage supporting WYB in 2022!

Sponsored by Northern Comfort Shoes

Northern Comfort Shoes

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Thank you Tammy of  Northern Comfort Shoes for your support of WYB!

Sponsored by Wolverine Supply Inc.

Wolverine Supply Inc.

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Thank you Bruce and Marc of Wolverine Supply for coaching and sponsoring WYB

Sponsored by Elks Club Lodge 1842

Elks Club Lodge 1842

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Thank you Elks Club for the continued support of WYB